A New Model for Democratizing Agriculture in Thailand

Thamturakit is revolutionizing the way food is grown and consumed all across the country — and we should all be paying attention

Thamturakit: A New Model for Agriculture — and for Life

Thamturakit— which translates to “A Fair Business” in Thai — was co-founded by Pun Pun Farms and Ajaan Yak, an expert in sufficiency economies in Thailand. “We wanted to see if we could create an entirely new business model for farmers where they were could access markets that they were in charge of themselves — to remove the middle-men,” says Reents.

A New Pricing Model

One of the ongoing challenges for farmers is price fluctuation. “In the conventional market, the prices for produce fluctuate so much, which is so hard for farmers — they don’t know how many other farmers are growing the same things they’re growing, and how that will affect the final price they get,” explains Reents.

Building Equity in the Enterprise

The premise of Thamturakit was to disrupt the status quo of conventional agriculture; to build a more equitable way of growing, selling, and consuming food. To make the model viable while adhering to these values, members can buy shares in the organization — but rather than the size of the share correlating to the number of votes one has, each shareholder, regardless of the size of their share, gets one vote in the decision-making process of the organization.

Confronting Unjust Power in the Food System

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